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recharge, reset and rebalance

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Are you here to rediscover your sense of self, recharge your energy, and harmonise your hormones so that you can be present for those cherished moments at home, reclaim your leadership ambitions at work and enjoy being the vibrant you again?

then you are in the right place!

How would it feel to really reconnect with yourself? That incredible, passionate, ambitious woman who loves, laughs and flourishes. Blossom into the mama, the partner, the driven woman you once were… the women you still are beneath the exhaustion, the hormone imbalance, the overwhelm, the foggy brain, and the anxiety.
Restore your authentic self and embrace everything in life that lights you up.
Us high-achieving mums have a lot on our plate – physically and emotionally. Having enjoyed a successful working life and a busy independent social calendar pre-kids, new constraints, emotional pressures, social and personal expectations, and the sheer amount of tasks that come with parenting can quickly take their toll.

let me know if this sounds like you...

You’re exhausted. Tired upon waking and wading through mud all day. You can’t muster up enthusiasm for anything. You use to be driven, motivated and a shining socialite. Now you can barely find the energy to make dinner, let alone lead an ambitious team at work or hold a meaningful conversation at home.

At work you can’t concentrate. Thoughts are scattered and ideas are foggy. Once you were sharp, witty and inspired, but now you’ve lost your confidence and feel like you’re a shadow of your former self.

You often feel overwhelmed and anxious. A messy house, full inbox or noisy room are enough to make you feel out of control, overwhelmed and exasperated on how to move forward. Your previous clear head and logical thinking seems a distant memory.

Once a month you feel like another woman. A woman you don’t recognise, and to be honest, you don’t like. You’re irritable with your loved ones, feel rock bottom and just want to curl under a rock to escape from your heavy, painful bleeds. It never used to be this bad.

You’ve started to experience unexplained and seemingly unrelated issues. Bloating and digestive discomfort, night sweats, ulcers, frequent bouts of illness, hair loss, no sex drive, weight gain and heart palpataions. You’ve always led a healthy life but these symptoms crept up on you and are becoming more frequent. Where did they come from?!

What’s more, you are probably just putting up with it all.
We’re busy mums … we’re warriors right!?

Whether you’re a new mum or mum with children in their teens, it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be this way.

i see you, i've been there


You love to sparkle, be present, feel alive, have focus, determination and drive. You’re hungry to seize the day, cherish small moments and create big memories. You’re a trail blazer at work, a creative, innovative leader. You’re balanced and thrive on the sense of space and freedom.

lately you’ve been thinking if only you could:

  • Recapture your infectious energy and spark for life.
  • Create space in your life to grow and embody your authentic self.
  • Have the motivation and imagination to embark on family adventures.
  • Be present at home so that you can enjoy precious memories with your children.
  • Optimise spontaneous moments with your partner. Your lover.
  • Push creative boundaries at work, excel and build your career.
  • Feel back in control of your life and intuitively be connected with your body and mind.
  • Become the detective and guardian of your health and your family’s wellbeing.
If you could do those things, THEN you could finally have space, energy and harmony in your life, right? Are you ready to tune into your body, follow your intuition and own your wellbeing and health?
This is exactly what I help mums like you recapture within my group coaching program!
After years of working in women’s health with high-achieving mamas just like you, I’ve curated and refined the optimal approach to help recapture your sense of self, recharge your energy, reset your health, rebalance your hormones. Let me help you step into your intuition so that you can feel alive and be present to enjoy all those precious moments at home and grab those exciting opportunities at work.

hi, i’m Liz!

With my background working in women’s and maternal health as a Registered Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Coach, I’ve curated and refined my approach used in Nourished Mums. I believe it’s the optimal way for me to help you change your nutrition and lifestyle so that you experience a transformation in your wellbeing that is realistic and sustainable.

I see you, high-achieving mums!

After a 15 year career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, I understand the fast-paced, corporate world you work in, and as a mum of two, I appreciate the extra demands on your time, energy and life.

I have experienced first-hand the destructive nature of digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and low energy. In fact, energy is something I’ve struggled with on and off throughout my life; from having glandular fever as a teen, to more recently suffering from adrenal dysfunction. Like you, I’m a high-vibe, high-achieving mama but with this comes stress, anxiety, and often an inability to switch off, which, in today’s world, leads to living on a continuous tightrope. I know that this balancing act can not be sustained – just one extra strain added to the mix, such as a virus, sleep deprivation, or environmental toxins, can tip us over the edge leading to low mood, exhaustion and hormone imbalances.

Now, as a mum, having energy is essential if I want to soak up those precious moments with my little ones and have the freedom to thrive as an individual, which includes building my business, exploring my interests and maintaining my loving relationship.

My mission is to combine my personal health journey with my professional experience to support high-achieving mums like you transform their lives, get in touch with your body and step up to your full potential.

Signing up to the Nourished Mum's programme has been transformational for me. After suffering with recurring mouth ulcers for a number of years and not getting and answers through medical tests, I decided to focus on my diet and lifestyle. Having had ulcers every week or two consistently since having children, as soon as I implemented the baseline plan that Liz pulled together for me they stopped. I am now at the end of a complete gut re-set and am feeling really positive about the future.


I have known for years that my body didn't 'agree' with bread and too much dairy but ignored it as I didn't really look into the alternative solutions. Being part of the Nourished Mums Programme, has not only meant I get a personalised programme but also given clear explanations of why I need to change to help rebalance my hormones.



what is


Nourished Mums is a personalised 12-week online programme for high-achieving mums who are ready to create space in their life to grow and embody their authentic self.  The programme is built upon my signature framework, the Core Four:

Restore. Recharge. Reset. Rebalance.

The knowledge you’ll acquire, along with the strategies, skills and tools you’ll learn within these four pillars, will form the foundation of a self-care practice that you can revisit and evolve as life changes.


When was the last time you went out into the world embodying the real you, with all your sparkle and love of life?  Over the 12 weeks, we’ll explore the importance and the impact of restoration on our health and wellbeing (hormone balance, mental health and gut health). You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with various techniques, thoughts and practices to find solutions that work for you. We’ll focus on stress, self-care, sleep, purpose, identity and happiness.


The first four weeks of the programme are focused on nutrition and eating to optimise your energy. We’ll explore the Nourished Mums Food Guide which focuses on all the glorious food we can enjoy as part of the plan, and we’ll discover how different foods impact energy, hormones and mood. Working alongside your personalised plan, we’ll optimise your current diet with the objective of increasing your energy levels, determining your optimal portion sizes, restocking your depleted nutrients and lifting your mood.


At this stage I’ll ask you to trust your gut instinct! The quality of our microbiome (the balance of good and bad bacteria), and the integrity of our gut can affect everything in our body from our mental health and hormones, to our immune system and sleep. During this phase we’ll focus on gut health. The finer details may vary slightly based on your personalised plan, but together we’ll embark on a gut reset and healing.


The final phase of the programme is all about finding your groove; your happy state of equilibrium, balance and harmony! Now that we’ve addressed some of the foundational causes of hormonal disruption, we’ll continue to take steps to help rebalance hormones, whether they are your adrenals, sex, thyroid or metabolic hormones.

We’ll take everything we’ve learnt and start to integrate it into an intuitive way of living. You’ll take charge and feel in control of your health and wellness – you’ll be able to tune into the way different foods and lifestyle choices impact your body, mood, energy and hormones, so you’ll ultimately become the keeper and protector of your health.

The Nourished Mums journey will empower you with the knowledge, tools, strategies and intuition for you to tune into your body, recognize what it needs and harness the power to evolve and adapt so that you’re feeling at your optimum.

what is included


Personalised Functional Nutrition

The foundation of your unique 12 week journey is the personalised plan and private 1:1 consultations. These allows us to delve deeper into your unique challenges and for me to provide you tailored support.


You’ll have the opportunity to attend our weekly group calls where you’ll receive additional 1:1 support. These calls offer you the opportunity to share any challenges you’re facing, whilst acting as an open and safe platform to learn from each other, learn from experiences and grow a supportive, intimate community.


You’ll join as one of a small group of other high-achieving mums, with a common passion: to reclaim your wellness in order to enjoy life on your terms. As a group we’ll hang out in our members only, Facebook group – this will be your sacred space to celebrate wins, share your favourite recipes, inspire one another and receive daily, supportive accountability and motivation from myself and the other mums.

Strategy and Intuition

You’ll have access to the members only Knowledge Hub where I share my expertise in the form of videos and downloads. As we move through the 12 weeks, it is this knowledge and strategies that will empower you to shift from conscious implementation, to a more intuitive approach. Your habits will change and you’ll become more congruent with your body, health and self.

Family Food Hacks

Designed with your whole family in mind, we’ll explore and experiment with family menus, food hacks, modular meals and you’ll receive over 100 recipes that will allow you to nourish your family, whilst creating more space, time and freedom within your day.

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A real life line! After years of struggling with chronic health issues, working with Liz has given me a greater understanding of food and how simple food choices have huge positive impacts on my health and well being. I am now firmly on my road to recovery and couldn't have done it without the support of the other Nourished Mums!


My energy levels have increased dramatically just from making a few small dietary changes. I now find that I am more active when playing with my toddler, I am finding it easier to get up in the mornings and at the end of the day I still have energy left to spend time with my partner. In addition people keep telling me how great my skin is looking- something that I wasn't expecting would ever change, and I certainly couldn't have imagined that changing my diet could make a difference too.



q & a


I’m super busy. How much time will I need each week?
As a minimum I would recommend you find 60-90 minutes to join our coaching call. This is where you’ll experience the greatest level of transformation. On top of this there are easy-to-digest weekly videos and worksheets in the Knowledge Hub. However, you’ll continue to have access to these after the programme has finished so it isn’t critical to complete them each week. Rest assured, all of our mums have busy lives, often juggling work with family commitments and travel.

I’m not sure now is the right time for me.
It’s important to me that you join at a time that is right for you. However, that being said, there often isn’t a ‘good’ time. It’s important that you start this at a time when you are motivated to make changes that will enable you to experience more space and energy in your life.

What if I can’t make a coaching call?
All of our coaching calls are recorded so you can watch the replay. You’re welcome to submit questions in advance for me to discuss on the call and I’m always on hand to answer questions within the Facebook group.

I’m pregnant, is it OK for me to join?
Absolutely. Nourished Mums provides a nourishing foundation and enriched mindset to grow your family. We usually have one or two pregnant mamas in each group.

Will my family be able to eat the same food?
Absolutely. Our food guide, recipes and meal plans are based on eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods. Not only will you still be able to enjoy many of your family favourites, you’ll discover new delicious dishes to enjoy together.

I have food allergies – can the programme still work for me?
Yes absolutely – I’m here to support you. I’ve a wealth of experience on food allergies and intolerances.

Do you provide recipes and meal plans?
Yes, I provide recipes and meal plans. However, I don’t expect you to follow the meal plans. The meal plans and recipes are there to provide you with inspiration. We’ll work together to inspire your family menu based on your personal food loves and dislikes.

Ready to have space, energy and harmony in your life?
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If you’re ready to have space, energy and harmony in your life. If you’re ready to tune into your body, follow your intuition and own your wellbeing and health, then I can’t wait to hear from you, so that we can work together to get you back on track and moving forward in the direction that you want and deserve.