I would whole-heartedly recommend the Nourished Mums programme to anyone looking to improve their diet. The programme is all about empowering you to make changes at your own pace, according to goals you set. Your personalised nutrition plan is supplemented with weekly learning to help you understand why the whole food, real food approach is the way forward. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions and Liz’s approachable manner, passion and personal experience mean she is the perfect person to deliver the programme.


I used to be a carb-fiend, pasta monster! With Liz’s help I have dramatically changed my diet, the recipes provided have been delicious, quick and easy. I can honestly say that this process has changed the way I think about food and I am now looking forward to meal times and enjoying a more balanced diet.

In only 3 weeks I have very nearly achieved my personal goal to become a healthy weight, I still have some work to do but I am excited about the changes that I am making. My energy levels have increased dramatically just from making a few small dietary changes. I now find that I am more active when playing with my toddler, I am finding it easier to get up in the mornings and at the end of the day I still have energy left to spend time with my partner. In addition people keep telling me how great my skin is looking- something that I wasn’t expecting would ever change, and I certainly couldn’t have imagined that changing my diet could make a difference to.

Thank you Liz!! 🙂


I have known for years that my body didn’t ‘agree’ with bread and too much dairy but ignored it as I didn’t really look into the alternative solutions. Being part of the Nourished Mums Programme, has not only meant I get a personalised programme but also given clear explanations of why I need to change to help rebalance my hormones.

I was so reliant on bread and pasta that I thought it would be a nightmare but I feel I have only made small differences, such as, adding egg through banana pancakes in the morning, and then a rich protein source like chicken or fish for lunch and it really keeps me going. I have even given up milk chocolate which I never thought I could do in a million years – I use to eat a bar a day, it was my life source or so I thought! So I’ve substituted it for dark chocolate and find it satisfies the craving and I only need a small amount!

Finally I just want to say that I was one of those people who swore I would never be on a ‘special diet’ but now I see, through Liz’s help, it isn’t a special diet it’s just a diet that suits me better!

Thanks Liz!


As a mummy to a young baby and a three year old, life is always hectic. With sleepless nights and hectic days I had come to see constant weariness as ever present and a cup of tea and odd biscuit as the solution.

Then I started working with Liz and her wonderful programme ’Nourished Mums’. The energy highs and lows have gone as has the ‘need’ for sugar. With a few simple changes to my diet I am feeling healthier and happier.

Thank you Liz.